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Hitech Products Hitech Products
Laminar Flow Work Station, Bio-safety Cabinet, Fume Hoods
Laminar Flow Work Station
Horizontal / Vertical Laminar Airflow Benches allow operation in a sterile and particle free conditon. Due to continuous flushing of the work area by unidirectional and HEPA filtered airflow, the equipment assures full product protection.

Special Features:

  • International standard MINIPLEAT HEPA filters,
  • High efficiency and washable primary filters,
  • Magnehelic / Minihelic gauges for accurate DP reading,
  • Spring suspended DIDW blower assembly for high performance at low sound level,
  • SS working surface with curved front for convenient working.
Cleanliness Level : CLASS 100.
Particle Retention : 0.3µ and above.
Air Velocity : 90 FPM ±20.
Noise Level : 65 dB ±5.

Standard supply includes: Stainless Steel working table, acrylic front door, built-in UV lamp, Manometer, gas inlet, castors, power-point.

Available in SS 304, SS 316, PU coated GI, Melamine laminated materials.

Choice of Models
Cat#: Type Working area
HH600 Horizontal 2x2x2 feet
HH900 Horizontal 3x2x2 feet
HH1200 Horizontal 4x2x2 feet
HH1800 Horizontal 6x2x2 feet
HV600 Vertical 2x2x2 feet
HV900 Vertical 3x2x2 feet
HV1200 Vertical 4x2x2 feet
HV1800 Vertical 6x2x2 feet

Hitech Laminar Horizontal Hitech Laminar Vertical

Bio-Safety Cabinet
Designed to protect Product / Process / Personnel / Environment, from contamination created while working with hazardous materials.

Cleanliness Level : CLASS 5 as per ISO 14644-1.
Particle Retention : 0.3µ and above.

Available models:
Class I, Class II - Type B, Class II - Type A2, Class II - Type B1, Class II - Type B2, Class III
Sizes: 3x2x2 feet, 4x2x2 feet, 6x2x2 feet,

Available in SS 304, SS 316, PU coated GI materials..

Hitech Bio Safety Cabinet Hitech Bio Safety Cabinet

Fume Exhaust Hood
Available in CRCA sheet construction with Epoxy powder coated finish, GI sheet construction with PU coated finish and Wood melamine construction. Fume Exhaust hoods are used to drive out hazardous chemical odours, fumes and gases generated during the laboratory work. Available in ducted or ductless types.

Special features:

  • Work surface made of polished granite or glazed ceramic tiles.
  • Counter balanced front sash with toughened glass view panels.
  • Available with wide range of accessories such as, sink, water inlet, gas/air/vacuum pet cocks, power points, optional FLP fittings / under bench sup-board, etc.

Choice of Models
Cat#: Working area
HF900 3x2x2 feet
HF1200 4x2x2 feet
HF1500 5x3x3 feet
HF1800 6x3x3 feet

Hitech Fume Exhaust Hood

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