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Equitron Equitron
Water Baths, Ultrasonic Baths, Pathology, etc
The EQUITRON 40/59 kHz dual frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners deliver maximum penetration and power to address the most demanding and critical cleaning and mixing applications.
Choice of dual frequency in a single unit for coarse & fine cleaning.
Digital Control of Frequency, Temperature & Time.
Simultaneous display of all parameters on large LCD display.

Various combinations are available: with heater, dual frequency, etc. in the following tank sizes:

Capacity/Tank Size
3.0L / 24x14x10 cm
4.5L / 30x15x10 cm
10.0L / 30x24x15 cm
15.0L / 33x30x15 cm
22.5L / 50x30x15 cm

Equitron Ultrasonic Bath
EQUIBATH - Refrigerated Circulating
Equibath provides heating and cooling. Extremely compact single table top - saves bench and under-table space. Eliminates all the unwieldiness and hassles of using a separate Bath & Chiller. Built in circulator, pumps to external devices. It offers highest level of performance, flexibility and control for the most demanding applications. Quiet operation. Wide operating range.
Construction: Crevice free stainless die pressed vessel. Stainless steel polished top. Bath opening: 145 mm x 150 mm.
Standard Features: Temperature Range -10°C to +150°C. PID Temperature Controller with Soak Timer. Control Accuracy of ±0.1°C for water and ±0.2°C for oil. High Temperature safety cut-out - self resetting type. Excellent stirring enables uniformity better than 0.2°C. Resolution 0.1°C. Two bright LED Displays for process temperature and set temperature/time. Powerful external pumping @ 9.0 lit/min.

Cat#: 8506. Refrigerated Circulating EQUIBATH, 6 ltr capacity.

Equitron Refrigerated Circulating Bath
WATER BATH - Stirred
An elegant and neat Digitally controlled Water Bath. With a Microprocessor based digital controller. A stirrer provides continuous circulation inside the tub for even temperature. With Pt100 sensor. Accuracy: ±0.2°C. Temperature Range is ambient+5°C to 90°C.

Available Sizes:
Cat#: 8405. Stainless Steel body, Size: 30x15x15cm.
Cat#: 8414. Stainless Steel body, Size: 32x30x15cm.
Cat#: 8428. Stainless Steel body, Size: 50x30x20cm.
Also available:
Inbuilt external pumping facility to pump bath water to an external instrument.
Portable Cooler, upto 5°C, for 8413 and 8414.

Equitron Stirred Water Bath
WATER BATH - Shaking
Completely Stainless Steel construction. With a digital control of bath temperature and shaking speed. The special feature of this bath is that shaking speed does not vary, even when the heater switches on and off. Supplied with one removable tray for 6 flasks of 250ml.

Cat#: 8406.

Equitron Shaking Water Bath
WATER BATH - Serological
An excellent water bath for serological studies in labs. Stainless Steel construction, compact design and superior temperature control are some of the plus points of this unit.
NEW: Now also available with Digital Controller. A new unit with acrylic tank and Thermostat control has also been introduced.
Water Baths - Serological
Type Thermostat Digital Gabled Lid
SS Tank 27x13x12cm 6701TH 6701DI 6901
SS Tank 30x27x12cm 6721TH 6721DI 6921
Acrylic Tank 37x12x13cm 6700TH - -
Equitron Serological Water Bath
WATER BATH - Concentric Ring
A general purpose boiling water bath. The top lid is provided with concentric rings for easy placement of flasks, etc. Construction is Stainless Steel. With Digital control of temperature.

Cat#: 6806DI. 6 Holes of 75mm dia.
Cat#: 6812DI. 12 Holes of 75mm dia.

Equitron Concentric Ring Water Bath
Can be used with Water or Oil. Clear bottom series have a PID controller and Timer. Temperature Range upto 100°C / 300°C.
Also available, Immersion series of Round Baths for Water/Oil. Control is by Thermostat or Digital Controller. With circular heater, so that flask does not touch the element.
Available for flasks of capacity: 1 litre, 3 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre.
Equitron Round Bath - PID
Completely SS, Compact Model, Upright. Can be kept on the Table Top or mounted on a wall. Press fit condenser & boiling chamber - easily openable for daily cleaning. With input water flow meter to accurately control the flow of water. NEW: With special water level control and Thermostat cut-off for low water. With a baffle for improved water quality.

Cat#: 7652M. Output: 2 litres per hour.
Cat#: 7655M. Output: 4 litres per hour.

Equitron Water Still
WATER STILL - Stand Alone
A very innovative product. Does not require a tap connection. Just fill it with 5 litres of water, connect to a 5A socket and get 4 litres of distilled water after 4 hours. Switches off automatically.

Cat#: 7674.

Equitron Water Still Stand Alone
Digital. Circular tube and powerful magnifying lens. New, improved model, with sensor built into the petri dish holder, counts by sensing pen pressure. This allows any pen to be used and user is not limited to proprietary pens. LED display with audio beep at every count. Woulffhuegel grid glass plate.

Cat#: 0671. Maximum count: upto 9,999.

Optional: Petri Plate Rotator. Cat#: 7960.

Equitron Colony Counter
Stainless Steel construction. With gauge, tightening clamp, etc.

Available in two sizes:
Cat#: 8151. Size: 12x20cm. For 10 petri dishes.
Cat#: 8155. Size: 22x22cm. For 30 petri dishes.

Equitron Anaerobic Culture Jar
Two types of cabinets are available. These are stackable up to 3 units on a base. Since outer design is the same, different types of cabinets can be purchased and stacked together. This modular design also permits buying extra cabinets to increase slide storage capacity as and when required, even after many years.
Full Mild Steel construction, duly pre treated and spray finished for durability. Unique design of drawers - requiring 1.252 sq. feet to store 21600 slides (bulk) or 7560 slides (individual) - if three cabinets are stacked one above the other.
Cat#: 6001. Bulk Storage Cabinet for 7,200 slides.
Cat#: 6005. Individual Storage Cabinet for 2,250 slides.
Cat#: 6050. Base-suitable up to 3 cabinets.
Equitron Slide Cabinet
Full Mild Steel construction. With acrylic viewing door, hinged for easy access. Bottom panel is also of acrylic with two holes and sliding covers. Fitted with a UV light and one daylight tube-light.

Cat#: 8101. Size: 75x50x75cm (30x20x30").

Equitron Inoculation Hood
Full Stainless Steel construction. With SS fly-screws for clamping. Can be used with vacuum or gravity.

Cat#: 8204. Filter diameter: 6cm.
Cat#: 8207. Filter diameter: 14cm.

Equitron Seitz Filter
Completely Stainless Steel, sturdy construction, non-rusting.

Cat#: 6601. Pipette Box - 38x6cm.
Cat#: 6605. Pipette Box - 45x5cm.
Cat#: 6621. PetriDish Box (with carrier) - 25x11cm.

Equitron Petridish BoxEquitron Pipette Box
Complete SS construction, these 10 & 25 slide capacity, Racks & Troughs are excellent for staining slides in bulk.

Cat#: 6142. Slide Staining Rack - 10 Slides.
Cat#: 6145. Slide Staining Rack - 25 Slides.
Cat#: 6152. Slide Staining Trough - 10 Slides.
Cat#: 6155. Slide Staining Trough - 25 Slides.

Equitron Slide Staining Racks
Equitron Slide Staining Troughs
Stainless Steel base rest manufactured or coated with non-corrosive material.
Unique spring mechanism at bottom permits single hand operation for Westergren.

Cat#: 6535. Westergren Apparatus - 6 Pipettes.
Cat#: 6539. Westergren Apparatus - 12 Pipettes.
Cat#: 6505. Wintrobe Apparatus - 6 Tubes.

Equitron ESR & Wintrobe Stands

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