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Rotary Vacuum Evaporators
The Roteva 66 is an Unbeatable Choice for a Rotary Evaporator. With all the features and advantages of the previous model, now with the following additional NEW features:

Intuitive Touchscreen Operation: The advanced touchscreen interface allows precise operationof all process parameters - heating temperature, rotation speed, vacuum, lift position and lift speed. (Optional integrated Vacuum Control and Vapour Temperature Indicator).

Reversible Direction for Uniform Evaporation: Reversible Rotation of the Evaporating Flask enables efficient and uniform evaporation.

Instant Rotation Speed Control: Instant adjustment of rotation speed with the magic knob.

Comprehensive Solvent Library for the most Complex Distillations: Start your operations with the touch of a finder with the in-built solvent library.

Intuitive Lift Automation: Set your parameters and Roteva will do the rest without any monitoring for fully unattended operation.

Roteva 66 Safety Features:

  • Safe & effortless lateral movement of heating bath
  • Auto lift on elapse of process timer
  • Auto lift on power failure
  • Floating overshoot
  • Over temperature
  • Degree of Protection IP20
  • Operating panel located at the base to prevent scalding from any splashing bath fluid and rotating flask.
  • Lift height adjustment limiter
  • Seal life indicator and replacement alarm

Roteva 66 Heating Bath:

  • Safe & effortless lateral movement of heating bath.
  • Oval Shaped for safer and convenient immersion of flask.
  • Temperature range of upto 200°C.
  • Two operating modes - water and oil - for accurate temperature control.
  • Effortless lateral movement of heating bath for adjusting according to flask size.
  • Process timer.
  • Reference scale for bath placement as per flask size to eliminate any ambiguities.
  • Optional Heating Bath for flask up to 5000ml.

Roteva 66 Choice of Glass Sets: Optiona of Vertical and Diagonal Condensor with Continuous Feed as standard and supplied with 1 Ltr Evaporating and Receiving Flasks

  • Vertical Condensor (V).
  • Diagonal Condensor (D).

Cat#: 8766.RV0.000. ROTEVA-66 series Rotary Evaporator, with Vertical Condenser.
Cat#: 8766.RD0.000. ROTEVA-66 series Rotary Evaporator, with Diagonal Condenser.

Cat#: 8610-0400-1040. Equitron XTEMP Recirculating Chiller (Cooler).
Cat#: 8950. Vacuum Controller Module for Roteva 66 Series.
Cat#: 8940. Vapour Sensor Module for Roteva 66 Series.

Equitron Roteva - 66 Series Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Equitron Roteva 66 Vertical Condenser
Equitron Roteva 66 Diagonal Condenser

Equitron XTemp Recirculating Chiller (Cooler)
  • Ideal for cooling applications in Rotary Evaporators.
  • Compact design and whisper quiet performance.
  • Designed for continuous operation.
  • Easy to read temperature screen with status and audio-visual alarms
  • PID Temperature control with a setting/display resolution of 0.1°C
  • Built-in pump with capacity of 15 LPM.
  • Cooling capacity 400W at 20°C.
  • Temperature Range: -10°C to Room Temperature.
Equitron Xtemp Chiller

Accessories for Roteva 66

Equitron Vacuum Pump - Variable, 2 mbar
Equitron Vacuum Pump, 5 mbar and 35 mbar, PTFE diaphragm


The Ideal partner for all routine rotary vacuum evaporation's at Universities, Colleges, Schools, small to mid size Companies, and as a standby unit.

EVATOR Advantages:
- Spark-less drive unit AC motor with assured speed regulation - 50 to 250 RPM.
- Flask sizes from 100 to 1000 ml.
- Digital Temperature Controller for Water Bath up to 99°C.
- PTFE / GLASS sealing mechanism.
- Smooth, adjustable, maintenance free and user friendly single lever manual lift.

Construction / Standard Features:
Seamless Stainless Steel Round Bath inner vessel.
Vertical Glass Set with 1000 ml B29 Evaporating Flask & 1000 ml S35 Receiving Flask, B29 plastic C Clip & S35 Ball Joint Clip.
Flask ejector for easy removal of evaporating flask.

Cat#: #EV11. EVATOR Rotary Evaporator.

Equitron Evator Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Accessories for Roteva & Evator

Chilled Water Circulator - 4 ltr
Equitron Vacuum Pump, 5 mbar and 35 mbar, PTFE diaphragm
Brand Sh Vacuum Pumps, Oil free, Teflon Diaphragm, Chemical resistant

Vacuum Controller - Analog
Use of a Vacuum Regulator with a suitable vacuum pump enhances solvent recoveries to above 90%.
Ideal partner for EVATOR.
Easy readout with large analogue dial; Range 0 to 760 mm/Hg.
Compatible with any laboratory vacuum source.

Cat#: #8925.REG.760. Vacuum Regulator - Analogue.

Equitron Vacuum Controller Analog

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