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Fogging Systems
ULV Fogger
Easyfog Fogger is designed for the puprpose of fogging water and oil based liquids in fine particles that penetrate into the atmosphere, thus creating an 'aerially disinfected / sterile' environment.

Easyfog provides excellent control on the droplet size and is thus capable of generating fine particles (dry fog) for indoor space treatment of 10,000 cu.ft and larger. At the same time it can also be used to generate larger droplets (heavy fog) for outdoor fogging, as demanded by the application.

  • Light-weight, portable, easy to use and clean.
  • State-of-the-art non rotating vortex design nozzle assembly.
  • Equipped with superior quality precision metering valve for liquid flow control.
  • Powered by UL and CE approved VAC motor (20,000 RPM) of unmatched quality and reliability.
  • Effective tool against air-borne germs and viruses like bird flu, including treatment of influenza, etc. Wide application areas including impossible manual tasks like air/environment sterility and infection control.
  • Equipped with specially designed air filter to prevent dirt/dust/chemical attack, and thus extend the life of the motor.
  • Pre-fitted with a Timer device to enable flexibility of use. Just set the desired period of running (adjustable) and the fogger wil automatically shut-off after the preset time. This is absolutely essential since, if the door is opened to manually switch off the fogger, the whole purpose of aerial disinfection/sterilisation is defeated.
Technical Specifications:
Power head housing Aluminium
Tank Choice of SS or HDPE
Tubing Fuel and oil resistant vinyl
Flow control valve, strainer wiremesh and fittings SS 304
Nozzle Engineering plastic
Nozzle Assembly: High Shear, non-rotating, non-clogging Vortex design
Liquid Flow Rate: 0-300 ml/min (depending upon viscosity of the liquid)
Flow Control Valve: Five turn valve, Valve lock feature
Particle Size:
1-5 microns Dry Fog
8-10 microns Ultra Fine Fog
15-35 microns Heavy Fog
40+ microns Wet Fog
Reach: Up to 10,000 cubic Foot (30-50 feet distance and 18-20 feet Height)
Timer Device: Highly reliable German make timer (2-60min adjustment)

Cat# Tank Type Flow Control
1013PFE 7.5 Ltrs. Capacity HDPE Tank Knob to control between 1 ~ 18 Ltrs./Hr.
1014SFE 6.5 Ltrs. Capacity SS Tank Knob to control between 1 ~ 18 Ltrs./Hr.
1015PE 7.5 Ltrs. Capacity HDPE Tank Fixed Flow @2.4 Ltrs./Hr.
1016SE 6.5 Ltrs. Capacity SS Tank Fixed Flow @2.4 Ltrs./Hr.
Note: All models are supplied with Electronic Timer: 5 ~ 60 mins.

Easyfog ULV Fogger

Rotostand for ULV Fogger
ROTOSTAND is a rotating system (oscillating device) that oscillates the Fogger mounted on it constantly. The maximum oscillation is 120° and the adjustable angles are approx. 60°, 90° and 120°.

Generally all foggers discharge fog particles in one particular direction only. Thus the surrounding areas take a long time to be covered & at times are left untapped.

The benefit of using ROTOSTAND is that it ensures “uniform distribution” of the fog particles (extremely important for fogging) and a larger area coverage compared to others. At the same time, the overall process of fogging is completed faster saving precious time & energy.

Idealin Rotostand for Fogger

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