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For Spectrophotometer, Fluorimeter, Accessories
Cuvettes for Spectrophotometer
Cuvettes are available in Optical Glass (VIS) and in Quartz (UV). Various path-lengths are available, as also various volumes. Supplied in Matched Pair, with Certificate. With Teflon Lids. Also available: Cuvettes with Stopper.
Please enquire for any other sizes/types.
Path Length Capacity Lid/Stopper Glass Quartz
Cat# Cat#
10mm 3.5ml Lid 12271 12281
10mm 1.0ml Lid 12273 12282
10mm 0.7ml Lid - 12283
10mm 0.5ml Lid - 12284
10mm 0.1ml Lid - 12285
10mm 3.5ml Stopper - 12286
10mm 1.0ml Stopper - 12287
50mm 17.5ml Lid 12278 12288
1mm 0.35ml Lid - 12289
Cuvette Glass or Quartz

Disposable Plastic Cuvettes
Disposable Cuvettes are made from Polystyrene. Available in Regular or Micro type. Without lids. In Boxes of 100nos.
Capacity Cat#
4ml Cat#: 12291
1.5ml Cat#: 12292
Cuvette Disposable Plastic Cuvette Disposable Plastic Micro

Cuvettes for SpectroFluorimeter
SpectroFluorimeter Cuvettes are available in Quartz with 4 faces transparent. Various volumes are available. Supplied in Matched Pair, with Certificate. With Teflon Lids or Teflon Stoppers.
Please enquire for any other sizes/types.
Capacity With Lid Stoppered
3.5ml Cat#: 12301 Cat#: 12311
1.0ml Cat#: 12302 Cat#: 12312

Disposable Fluorimeter Cuvettes, Polystyrene (Plastic). 4 Face Transparent, without cap. Capacity: 4ml. 100/Pk.

Cuvette Spectro Fluorimeter Quartz

Cuvette - Accessories
Cuvette Magnetic Stirring Bars. For 10mm Cuvettes, provides rapid vertical & horizontal mixing. Cross channels in the upper face mixes without aeration. Appx. Dia x Ht: 9x8mm.
Cuvette Magnetic Stirring Bar


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