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Cat# Title
HS 2. Sushruta: 600-512. B.C. Indian Physician
HS 4. Hippocrates: 460-377. B.C. Greek Physician
HS 7. Charaka: 100-24. B.C. Indian Physician.
HS 9. Wang Shuhe 180-270 Chinese Physician
HS 18. Al- Zahravi: 864-930. Spanish Surgeon and Dentist
HS 23. Avicenna: 981-1037. Uzbekistani Physician and Mathematician
HS 35. Harvey, William: 1578-1657. English Physician
HS 37. Leeuwen Hoek, Antonie Van: 1632-1723. Father of Microbiology
HS 46. Jenner, Edward: 1749-1823. English Physician
HS 49. Lannec, Rene Hyacinthe: 1781-1826. French Physician
HS 57. Lister, Joseph: 1827-1912. English Surgeon
HS 61. Koch, Robert: 1843-1910. German Bacteriologist
HS 64. Ross, Ronald: 1857-1932. British Physician and Bacteriologist
HS 71. Morgan, Thomas Hunt: 1866-1945. American Geneticist
HS 73 Landsteiner, Karl: 1868-1943. Austrian-American Immunologist.
HS 77. Fleming, Sir Alexander: 1881-1955. Scottish Bacteriologist

Cat# Title
H+1. Human Skeleton
H+2. Human Skeleton, Joints & Limbs
H+3. Human Bones & Cartilages
H+4. Human Muscular System
H+5. Human Muscles
H+6. Human Heart
H+7. Human Circulatory System
H+8. Human Blood & Blood Groups
H+9. Human Respiratory System
H+10. Human Digestive System
H+11. Human Excretory System
H+12. Human Reproductive System
H+13. Human Menstrual Cycle
H+14. Human Embryo Development
H+15. Human Brain
H+16. Human Spinal Cord
H+17. Human Nervous System
H+18. Human Teeth
H+19. Human Tongue
H+20. Human Nose
H+21. Human Ear
H+22. Human Eye
H+23. Human Skin
H+24. Human Endocrine Glands

Cat# Title
SP 1. Use only Fume hood when handling toxic substances.
SP 2. Donít insert spatulas or pipettes into reagent bottles.
SP 3. Chemical reactions must be supervised.
SP 4. Keep First-aid box within reach.
SP 5. Avoid using glassware that is cracked or chipped.
SP 6. Wear gloves and goggles during experiments.
SP 7. Beware: Corrosive liquids.
SP 8. Rinse thoroughly for eyes splash.
SP 9. Never use Inflammable chemicals in open vessels.
SP 10. Never lean on table tops in the Laboratory.
SP 11. Use weighing paper for accuracy.
SP 12. Turn the test tube away to avoid accidents.
SP 13. Learn to operate the fire extinguisher.
SP 14. Beware: hot and cold glasses look alike.
SP 15. Do not add water to acid. Add acid to water.
SP 16. Do not block the sink with paper and chemicals.
SP 17. Never weigh hot things in a balance.
SP 18. Use laboratory materials with instructors permission.
SP 19. Donít fool around in the Laboratory.
SP 20. Always wear lab coat/apron in the Laboratory.
SP 21. Keep your face away from reaction vessel.
SP 22. No smoking.
SP 23. Never suck the liquid chemicals. Use a pipette bulb.
SP 24. Never ever try to taste the chemicals.


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