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Burettes, Borosilicate Glass, Brand Sh
Brand Sh Burettes are fabricated from original Borosilicate glass tubing. Burettes are leak-proof and with circular, easily readable, permanent graduation. To avoid breakage, Burettes are individually, securely packed in long corrugated boxes (specially made for them). Accuracy as per Class B of IS:1997:1962.
With Glass Stopcock or Teflon Screw type Stopcock.

Delux Burettes have extra heavy wall, Schelbach type marking for easy reading of meniscus and Teflon Screw type Stopcock.
Please enquire for any other sizes/types.
Cat# Type Capacity Sub.Div ml Tolerance ±ml
3212 Glass S/C 10ml 0.05 0.05
3213 Glass S/C 25ml 0.10 0.10
3214 Glass S/C 50ml 0.10 0.10
3215 Glass S/C 100ml 0.20 0.20
3223 Teflon S/C 25ml 0.10 0.10
3214 Teflon S/C 50ml 0.10 0.10
3226 DELUX 50ml 0.10 0.10

Burette Glass Stopcock and Teflon Stopcock

Burettes, Plastic
Plastic Burettes are made from acrylic tubing, with permanent white marking and Teflon Stopcocks. Stopcocks are removable for easy cleaning. Burettes are generally unbreakable in everyday use and are ideal for students or other rough work. Not resistant to strong acids, alkalis or solvents.
Cat# Capacity
11501 25ml
11502 50ml
Burette Plastic

Stands for Burettes, Tarsons
Tarsons Burette/Retort Stands are especially suitable for chemical labs. Bases are suitably weighted and outer made from white polypropylene, while rods are coated in white plastic. Non-corrosive and non-rusting.
Cat# Size
141010 22x15 cm. Centre Hole.
141020 30x20 cm. Centre Hole.
142010 22x15 cm. Side Hole.
142020 30x20 cm. Side Hole.
Burette Stand Plastic Tarsons

Clamps for Burettes, Plastic
Tarsons Burette Clamps are designed to provide a secure grip for burettes.
Cat# Capacity
121100 Single.
121200 Double.
Tarsons Burette Clamp


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